Health  Vol.6 No.21 , December 2014
Discharge Policy Analysis in Prince Hamzah Hospital
Abstract: A discharge policy is intended to ensure provision of fit, timely discharge arrangements to an appropriate safe environment for all patients on completion of their hospital care. This paper analyzes the current discharge policy in Prince Hamzah Hospital, to discover if it can be made more effective. The analysis is based on Patton and Sawicki’s six-step model of policy analysis. According to Patton and Sawicki’s six-step model of policy analysis, the process involves problem identification, determining policy objectives, establishing evaluation criteria, suggesting and assessing possible alternatives, and implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the policy after modification. It was concluded that the policy should remain a live document that could be refined, updated and expanded as appropriate.
Cite this paper: Alghzawi, H. , Hourani, R. , Alrashaida, B. , Hamdan-Mansour, A. and Bayomi, M. (2014) Discharge Policy Analysis in Prince Hamzah Hospital. Health, 6, 3022-3029. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.621340.

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