ACS  Vol.4 No.5 , December 2014
Consistency in Z-R Relationship Variability Regardless Precipitating Systems, Climatic Zones Observed from Two Types of Disdrometer

Data from rain Drop Size Distributions gathered on five sites in Africa as well as those of the pilot site in Kourou (French Guyana, South America), located in different climatic zones, and collected by two types of disdrometer (the impact JW RD-69 disdrometer and the Optical Spectro-Pluviometer, OSP) are used to study the consistency of the reflectivity factor-rain rate at the ground (Z-R) relationship variability. The results clearly confirm that the relationship Z-R knows a large spatial variability, from a type of precipitation to another and within the same precipitation regardless the type of disdrometer used for DSD measurements. Base on the similarity of the relations reflectivity factor-rain rate and ratio median volume diameter over the total number of drops-rain rate, the variability of the Z-R coefficients (A, b) through the simultaneously implication of the size and number of drops which characterize the DSD was exhibited. It was shown that the relationships A-α and b-β designed to understand the involvement of parameters D0 and NT of DSD in the variability of the relationship Z-R are similar regardless the types of disdrometer used. However, the relations A-α in the Sahelian region appear to deviate from those of Guinean, equatorial and Soudanian zones. The plausible reasons were discussed.

Cite this paper: Bamba, B. , Ochou, A. , Zahiri, E. and Kacou, M. (2014) Consistency in Z-R Relationship Variability Regardless Precipitating Systems, Climatic Zones Observed from Two Types of Disdrometer. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 4, 941-955. doi: 10.4236/acs.2014.45083.

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