AS  Vol.5 No.14 , December 2014
Preceding Crops Selection, Colza Seeding Norms and Dates Optimization in North Kazakhstan
Abstract: Colza is a relatively new crop for North Kazakhstan. The increase of colza seeds production is restricted by its cultivation technology imperfection. Empiric model of colza for seeds cultivation is designed, allowing using its maximum potential. It was found out that correct preceding crops selection, optimization of norms and dates of colza seeding provide seeds heavy weight crops, reducing crops production cost and increasing cost efficiency at 62% average.
Cite this paper: Shaihina, G. , Husainov, A. , Seitova, G. , Kaseinova, G. and Mausumbayeva, A. (2014) Preceding Crops Selection, Colza Seeding Norms and Dates Optimization in North Kazakhstan. Agricultural Sciences, 5, 1407-1412. doi: 10.4236/as.2014.514151.

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