JGIS  Vol.6 No.6 , December 2014
A Sensor Web for Real-Time Groundwater Data Monitoring in Morocco
This article presents research and development of an interoperable platform to facilitate, monitor and coordinate groundwater data sharing. This system was orchestrated by a number of services described by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) such as Sensor Observation Service (SOS) and other services for the use of mapping data, Web Feature Services (WFS), Web Map Service (WMS), and catalogue services (CSW). An important activity for our project was the establishment of a portal for geographic data and services. Geoportal developed for this project will promote and facilitate access to groundwater data and share theme more openly. Otherwise our system has been designed to provide a powerful tool that enhances the ability of regional staff to monitor near real-time groundwater data (i.e. piezometric level) and as a result will help provide a more effective response to environmental upsets.

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Moumen, A. , Oulidi, H. , Agadi, M. , Nehmadou, M. , Ben-Daoud, M. , Barich, A. , Mridekh, A. , Mansouri, B. , Boutaleb, S. , Mohammed, K. , Essahlaoui, A. and Eljaafari, S. (2014) A Sensor Web for Real-Time Groundwater Data Monitoring in Morocco. Journal of Geographic Information System, 6, 613-623. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2014.66051.
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