AMPC  Vol.4 No.11 , November 2014
Electrical Properties of the Al/CuInSe2 Thin Film Schottky Junction
Abstract: The Schottky diode (Al/p-CuInSe2/FTO) was fabricated by simple deposition of pure Aluminum on the front side of the CuInSe2 thin film. We have investigated its electrical characteristics by measuring the current-voltage (I-V), the capacitance-voltage (C-V) and the electrical impedance in the range of temperature (300 K - 425 K). At room temperature, this heterostructure has shown non-ideal Schottky behavior with 3.98 as ideality factor and 38 μA/cm2 as a reverse saturated current density. The C-V measured at 100 kHz has shown non-linear behavior and an increase with temperature. Similarly, we have estimated, at room temperature, the carrier doping density, the built-in potential and the depletion layer width which are of about 8.66 × 1015 cm﹣3, 1.12 V and 0.37 μm respectively. By the impedance spectroscopy technique, we have found a decrease with temperature of all the serial resistance Rs, the parallel resistance Rp and the capacitance Cp. The frequency dependence of the imaginary part of this impedance was carried out to characterize the carrier transport properties in the heterostructure. From the Arrhenius diagram, we have estimated the activation energy at 460 meV. An equivalent electrical circuit was used for modeling these results.
Cite this paper: Hamrouni, S. , Boujmil, M. and Saad, K. (2014) Electrical Properties of the Al/CuInSe2 Thin Film Schottky Junction. Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, 4, 224-235. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2014.411026.

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