OJTS  Vol.4 No.4 , December 2014
Thoracic Duct Cyst of the Anterior Mediastinum
Mediastinal thoracic duct cyst is a rare benign cystic disease. The lesion is generally in the post-erior or superior mediastinum, where the thoracic duct passes. We herein report an extremely rare case of surgically resected anterior mediastinal thoracic duct cyst. A thoracic duct cyst should be considered as an uncommon differential diagnosis of an anterior mediastinal lesion.

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Saito, M. , Nakagawa, T. , Chiba, N. , Sakaguchi, Y. and Ishikawa, S. (2014) Thoracic Duct Cyst of the Anterior Mediastinum. Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery, 4, 87-89. doi: 10.4236/ojts.2014.44017.
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