ENG  Vol.6 No.12 , November 2014
Analytic Solution of MHD Stagnation Point Flow over a Stretching Permeable Surface with Effects of Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating
A mathematical analysis is investigated to obtain an analytic solution of magneto hydrodynamic stagnation-point flow towards permeable stretching surface with viscous dissipation and joule heating. In the presence of uniform suction, a transverse magnetic field normal to the surface is applied when the surface is stretched in its own plane with a velocity proportional to the distance from the stagnation-point. The governing nonlinear momentum and energy equations are solved by homotopy analysis method (HAM) to obtain the complete analytic solution and a good agreement is found. The convergence region shows the validity of the HAM solutions. It is observed that the velocity at a point increases/decreases more with increase in the magnetic parameter when the free stream velocity is greater/less than the stretching velocity in presence of suction. An interesting result of the analysis is that, in the presence of suction parameter, the temperature increases with the increase in magnetic parameter at a certain distance from the stretching surface. Near stagnation point on the surface, heat flows from the surface to the fluid and far from the stagnation-point, heat flows from the fluid to surface due to combining effect of ohmic dissipation and strain energy inside the boundary layer.

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Panigrahi, S. and Reza, M. (2014) Analytic Solution of MHD Stagnation Point Flow over a Stretching Permeable Surface with Effects of Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating. Engineering, 6, 827-840. doi: 10.4236/eng.2014.612077.

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