ENG  Vol.3 No.5 , May 2011
Generation and Analyzes of Guided WAVES in Planar Structures
Abstract: Guided wave in plate propagates like shear waves and Lamb waves. Both kinds are very dispersive waves. Generation and analysis of dispersion curves is very important. Those are used to predict and describe the relation between frequency, thickness with phase velocity, group velocity and wave mode. For a stainless steel plate with thickness 5.89 mm we built dispersion curves for shear and Lamb waves. A method based on peak frequency shifts of the shear waves along with the thickness was applied. In line with dispersion curves of shear waves phase velocity was seen that mode of waves translate in some points, have experiment performance much better than other points.
Cite this paper: nullE. Sotja, P. Malkaj and D. Sotja, "Generation and Analyzes of Guided WAVES in Planar Structures," Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 5, 2011, pp. 532-537. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.35062.

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