EPE  Vol.6 No.13 , November 2014
Composition Characteristics of Gas Hydrate Produced Gas and Pretreatment Research
Abstract: To accelerate the pace of research and the use of alternative energy strategies Gas Hydrate, on the basis of previous studies, this paper analyzes the composition characteristics of Gas Hydrate produced gas. It provides technical support for our research and the use of Gas Hydrate. This eases the supply and demand of energy and reduces pollution of the atmospheric environment.
Cite this paper: Yang, S. , Xu, D. , Xiu, L. , Duan, C. and Pang, B. (2014) Composition Characteristics of Gas Hydrate Produced Gas and Pretreatment Research. Energy and Power Engineering, 6, 481-486. doi: 10.4236/epe.2014.613041.

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