SS  Vol.5 No.11 , November 2014
Post-Traumatic Long Segment Small Bowel Stricture —A Diagnostic Dilemma
Abstract: Delayed post-traumatic small bowel stricture is rare and differentiation from other more common causes of small intestinal stricture is difficult. Presentation may be delayed up to years after the injury. Very often the findings mimic those of other causes of long segment strictures such as tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease, lymphoma etc. This study analyzes two cases of post-traumatic small bowel stricture, with different presentations and different therapeutic challenges. The literature on this condition is not well recognized and will be reviewed. Resection and reconstruction are diagnostic and therapeutic in patients who present with post-traumatic small bowel stricture, as inflammatory and neoplastic causes cannot be ruled out without histological diagnosis.
Cite this paper: Kabeer, K. , Karthik, S. , Anand, C. and Ananthakrishnan, N. (2014) Post-Traumatic Long Segment Small Bowel Stricture—A Diagnostic Dilemma. Surgical Science, 5, 508-511. doi: 10.4236/ss.2014.511078.

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