OJN  Vol.4 No.12 , November 2014
Understanding and Improving Quality of Care in the Context of Depressed Elderly Persons Living in Norway

Effective leadership plays an important role in safe patient care. The aim of this paper was to understand and improve the implementation outcomes identified by empirical studies based on Proctors et al.’s key concepts, acceptability appropriateness, feasibility and fidelity, and to propose recommendations for further research. Methods: An interdisciplinary approach using mixed methods. Results: A total of twenty papers based on data from this interdisciplinary study have been published. Overall, our published empirical studies revealed that the CCM intervention had positive results due to staff members’ engagement to improve care, their awareness of the need for collaboration and willingness to assume responsibility for patient care. From the perspective of the depressed elderly persons the results of the research project indicated their need for support to increase self-management. In conclusion, an improved understanding of the implementation outcomes will have an impact on best practice for depressed elderly persons and dissemination purposes. Quality management and highly action-oriented involvement are necessary in implementation research. These will also affect the professional development of interdisciplinary teams as well as constitute a basis for further research on understanding and improving the care of depressed elderly individuals.

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Severinsson, E. and Holm, A. (2014) Understanding and Improving Quality of Care in the Context of Depressed Elderly Persons Living in Norway. Open Journal of Nursing, 4, 809-817. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2014.412086.
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