AM  Vol.5 No.19 , November 2014
Natural Oscillations of Viscoelastic Lamellar Mechanical Systems with Point Communications
Abstract: We investigated the natural oscillations of dissipative inhomogeneous plate mechanical systems with point connections. Based on the principle of virtual displacements, we equate to zero the sum of all active work force, including the force of inertia which obtain equations vibrations of mechanical systems. Frequency equation is solved numerically by the method of Muller. According to the result of numerical analysis we established nonmonotonic dependence damping coefficients of the system parameters.
Cite this paper: Ibrahimovich, S. , Hudoyberdievich, T. and Maqsud, M. (2014) Natural Oscillations of Viscoelastic Lamellar Mechanical Systems with Point Communications. Applied Mathematics, 5, 3018-3025. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.519289.

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