OJF  Vol.4 No.5 , October 2014
Tree Allometry in Tropical Forest of Congo for Carbon Stocks Estimation in Above-Ground Biomass
Abstract: The research was aimed to estimate the carbon stocks of above-ground biomass (AGB) in Lesiolouna forest in Republic of Congo. The methodology of Allometric equations was used to measure the carbon stock of Lesio-louna tropical rainforest. The research was done with six circular plots each 40 m of diameter, with a distance of 100 m between each plot, depending on the topography of the site of the installation of these plots. The six studied plots are divided in two sites, which are: Iboubikro and Ngambali. Thus, in the six plots, there are three plots in Iboubikro site and three plots in Ngambali site. The results of this study show that the average carbon stock of aboveground biomass (AGB) in six plots was 170.673 t C ha-1. So, the average of carbon stock of aboveground biomass (ABG) in Iboubikro site was 204.693 t C ha-1 and in the Ngambali site was 136.652 t C ha-1. In this forest ecosystem, the high stock of carbon was obtained in Plot 3, which was in Iboubikro site. Plot 3 contains 20 trees and an average DBH of 24.56 cm. However, the lowest carbon stock was obtained in Plot 4, which was in Ngambali site. Also, Plot 4 contains 11 trees and an average DBH of 31.86 cm. The results of this research indicate that, the forests in the study area are an important carbon reservoir, and they can also play a key role in mitigation of climate change.
Cite this paper: Ekoungoulou, R. , Liu, X. , Loumeto, J. , Ifo, S. , Bocko, Y. , Koula, F. and Niu, S. (2014) Tree Allometry in Tropical Forest of Congo for Carbon Stocks Estimation in Above-Ground Biomass. Open Journal of Forestry, 4, 481-491. doi: 10.4236/ojf.2014.45052.

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