AM  Vol.5 No.17 , October 2014
A Recursive Approach to the Kauffman Bracket
Abstract: We introduce a simple recursive relation and give an explicit formula of the Kauffman bracket of two-strand braid link . Then, we give general formulas of the bracket of the sequence of links of three-strand braids . Finally, we give an interesting result that the Kauffman bracket of the three-strand braid link is actually the product of the brackets of the two-strand braid links and . Moreover, a recursive relation for is also given.
Cite this paper: Nizami, A. , Munir, M. , Saleem, U. and Ramzan, A. (2014) A Recursive Approach to the Kauffman Bracket. Applied Mathematics, 5, 2746-2755. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.517262.

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