JMMCE  Vol.2 No.5 , September 2014
Washability Characteristics of Low Volatile Pakistani Coking Coal by Crushing
Author(s) Fahad Mir
Through washability study, a couple of parameters were investigated for a low volatile Pakistani Coal (coking). The aim was to find out the effect of the action of reducing material release characteristics for low volatile Pakistani coal. The “Index of washability” (IW) and “Near gravity material Index” (NGMI) were used as parameters to express the ease of washability. Run of Mine coal is crushed to four different sizes as mentioned 80 mm, 30 mm, 18 mm and 11 mm in a pestle and mortar. Calculations of IW show that it is inversely proportional to top size of feed, indicating that washability increases with the decrease of size. From NGMI calculations it was concluded that gravity method is not recommended for separation at this specific gravity range. So study divulges that the critical specific gravity for crushing to 30 mm is 1.67 and for 11 mm is 1.56.

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Mir, F. (2014) Washability Characteristics of Low Volatile Pakistani Coking Coal by Crushing. Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, 2, 502-506. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2014.25050.
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