AJC  Vol.2 No.3 , September 2014
Application of Political Propaganda by Government in the Resolution of ASUU/FGN Industrial Conflict of 2013
Abstract: In Nigeria, the prerogative attached to political propaganda is often superfluous in resolving national disputes, culpable of inimically truncating or abducting privileges of citizenry. This approach lingered in the 2013 feud that existed between ASUU and FGN in not sustaining a corporate integrity. The researchers employed Conflict and Authoritarian Media Theories in unraveling different propaganda strategies masterminded by FGN. In the fate of recognizing education for self and technological exploits, parochialism should be moderated, when justifiable priorities are misappropriated. This paper frowned at the gluttonic feast on political propaganda in our purported scientific society; the likes of education should be treated with caution, valued as the bedrock of socio-technological advancement; absolute care with politicized acrimonies was frankly admonished.
Cite this paper: Ineji, P. , Bassey-Duke, V. and Brown, N. (2014) Application of Political Propaganda by Government in the Resolution of ASUU/FGN Industrial Conflict of 2013. Advances in Journalism and Communication, 2, 101-108. doi: 10.4236/ajc.2014.23011.

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