IJOHNS  Vol.3 No.5 , September 2014
A Loculated Pyocele of Maxillary Sinus—A Rare Case Report
Abstract: Pyocele of maxillary sinus occurs unusually, when its mucocele content gets secondarily infected. Most of the pyocele occupies the frontal and anterior ethmoid sinus involving the frontal-ethmoidal complex expanding into the orbit leading to ocular disorders. Maxillary sinus presentation is rare, and our patient had a well defined loculated pyocele in her right maxillary sinus that we suspected with radiological images and was confirmed by needle aspiration under endoscopic guidance to the pyocele sac. Here we would like to describe more in detail about the nature of the mucopyocele in paranasal sinuses, its presentation and various surgical modalities of treating the pyocele.
Cite this paper: Thirunavukkarasu, R. , Balasubramaniam, G. , Kalyanasundaram, R. and Shanmugam, P. (2014) A Loculated Pyocele of Maxillary Sinus—A Rare Case Report. International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, 3, 259-262. doi: 10.4236/ijohns.2014.35047.

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