OJG  Vol.4 No.9 , September 2014
Mineral Chemistry and Thermobarometry of the Volcanic Rocks in Torud, Iran
Abstract: This paper elucidates the compositional studies on clinopyroxene, plagioclase of basalts to andesitic rocks of Torud area to understand the geotectonic and geothermobarometry conditions. Early Eocene-Oligocene calc-alkaline volcanic rocks are exposed around Torud in the Central Iranian zone. Volcanic rocks consist of basaltic, andesite basalt, Tracyandesite, and andesite. Minerals in the volcanic rocks exhibit degrees of disequilibrium features. Plagioclase as dominant mineral in these rocks generally displays oscillatory zoning. Mineral chemistry studies show that clinopyroxenes in the volcanic rocks are diopside, augite and plotted in medium pressure field. The clinopyroxene composition yields the crystallization temperatures 900°C - 1000°C. The mineral composition indicates that these rocks are formed in a tensional environment.
Cite this paper: Hosseini, E. , Ardalan, A. , Emami, M. and Razavi, M. (2014) Mineral Chemistry and Thermobarometry of the Volcanic Rocks in Torud, Iran. Open Journal of Geology, 4, 425-435. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2014.49033.

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