SGRE  Vol.2 No.2 , May 2011
Approach for Cost Determination of Electro-Mechanical Equipment in Ror Shp Projects
Abstract: Electricity is one of the most widely used forms of energy. Being a renewable source of energy small hydropower is considered as an environment—friendly and cheap source of electricity. The installation cost of the small hydropower project depends mainly on two parts—civil works and electromechanical equipment. One of the most important element on the recovery of a small hydro-power plant is the electromechanical equipment (turbine-alternator). The present paper intends to develop a correlation to determine the cost based on the cost influencing parameters as power and head using three different methods, namely; sigma plot method, linest method and logest method. An attempt has also been made to identify the best correlation among the three models closer to the actual cost of electro-mechanical equipment as collected from recently developed projects.
Cite this paper: nullS. Mishra, S. Singal and D. Khatod, "Approach for Cost Determination of Electro-Mechanical Equipment in Ror Shp Projects," Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2011, pp. 63-67. doi: 10.4236/sgre.2011.22008.

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