AiM  Vol.4 No.11 , September 2014
Presence of Mycoplasma Spp. in Patients with Asthma or Allergic Rhinitis
Abstract: Objective: To compare the presence of Mycoplasma spp. in pharyngeal swabs of patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis and controls, also to compare the reactivity to allergens in the three groups. Material and Methods: Throat swabs of 120 patients with asthma, 211 allergic rhinitis patients and 171 healthy persons were cultured in E media. Positive cultures were identified by PCR. Susceptibility of patients positive for isolation of Mycoplasma spp. to indoor, forest and undergrowth allergens were determined. Results: Mycoplasma spp. was isolated in 26.6% of samples from asthmatic patients, 36% in patients with allergic rhinitis and 2.9% in the group of healthy persons. Positive patients for Mycoplasma with asthma and allergic rhinitis showed susceptibility tomite, grass and thunder mainly. Conclusion: There is a higher incidence of Mycoplasma spp. in asthmatic and allergic rhinitis patients than healthy persons. Only patients with asthma or allergic rhinitis showed reactivity to environmental allergens.
Cite this paper: Guillermo, M. , David, P. , Antonio, Y. , Constantino, G. and Lilia, C. (2014) Presence of Mycoplasma Spp. in Patients with Asthma or Allergic Rhinitis. Advances in Microbiology, 4, 720-725. doi: 10.4236/aim.2014.411078.

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