OJVM  Vol.4 No.8 , August 2014
Evaluation of the Properties of Healing of the Extract of Kombucha in Sheep in Growth with Malnutrition, Parasitocis and Respiratory Problems
Abstract: With the objective to evaluate the properties, curatives of kombucha extract as an alternative treatment were used; 20 sheep creoles weaned with stunting, respiratory diseases, parasitic and malnutrition were divided into control and experiment n = 10 groups; the first one was administered by ivermectin 1% (2 mg/kg) subcutaneous, with a reinforcement of closantel 5% (0.5 mg/kg) by oral route and enrofloxacin at 5% (3 mg/kg) intramuscularly for three consecutive days and the second group by oral route 20 ml of extract kombucha per animal each three days for about 4 months, was weighed at the beginning of each month; clinical tests were conducted and statistical data indicated no significant differences in weight gain 30.370 kg/p control, 31.290, 3.503 kg/p experimentally, some showed small differences in blood samples and in stool tests for example, control ended with Eimeria 1.00 ± 0.00, creatinine, 0.17 ± 0.04 mg/dl, uric acid 23.20 5.37 ± mg/dl, 46.12 ± 4.70 MCV, 7.21 ± 0.25 g/dl total protein, 38.20 10.06 ± 1.40 and segmented neutrophils ±1.07, and on the other hand the experimental in erythrocytes present 9783000.00 ± 1036072.17 million, in hemoglobin 13.43 ± 0.51 g/dl, hematocrit 38.87 ± 2.13, and platelet 422320.000 ± 52442.578 thousands. Both groups did not exceed normal parameters, however, physically the experimental animals were better and had no parasites or respiratory problems as opposed to controls.
Cite this paper: Manuel, R. , Esther, A. , Guillermo, N. , Mireles, R. , Figueroa, L. , Orozco, J. and Peña, E. (2014) Evaluation of the Properties of Healing of the Extract of Kombucha in Sheep in Growth with Malnutrition, Parasitocis and Respiratory Problems. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 4, 175-182. doi: 10.4236/ojvm.2014.48020.

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