JMP  Vol.5 No.14 , August 2014
Some Aspects of Multiparticle Production in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions

An attempt is made to study various types of multiplicity distributions and multiplicity correlations amongst secondary charged particles produced in 4.5 and 14.5 A GeV/c 28Si-nucleus interactions. The results reveal that multiplicity correlations of the type , where i, j = b, g, s and h with i ≠ j, are linear. The observed multiplicity correlations are nicely fitted by the method of least squares fitting of the type, = b + ani. Furthermore, the multiplicity distributions of relativistic charged particles and compound multiplicity at 4.5 A GeV/c are nicely fitted by Poisson distributions with peaks at relatively lower multiplicities. However, in the case of multiplicity distributions of various types of secondary charged particles produced in 14.5 A GeV/c 28Si-nucleus collisions definite trends are not discernible.

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Haque, M. , Tariq, M. , Jahan, H. and Hussain, T. (2014) Some Aspects of Multiparticle Production in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 1353-1359. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.514136.
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