JSS  Vol.2 No.9 , September 2014
Strategic Analysis on Green Operation of Medium-Small Firms in Jiangsu Province
Abstract: Green operation is an important part for Medium-Small enterprise taking the sustainable development path. It requires enterprises to undertake environmental protection and social responsibility actively. Although green operation is limited by enterprise capital and technology, it is conducive to the harmonious unity of economic and environmental benefits. Enterprises’ green operation is based on the attention to green brand and culture construction, related personnel training, developing green products, and reducing green operation costs. The government of Jiangsu Province attaches great importance to construct better environment for green operation of medium- small enterprise.
Cite this paper: Sun, J. , Wu, J. and Meng, Q. (2014) Strategic Analysis on Green Operation of Medium-Small Firms in Jiangsu Province. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 2, 173-178. doi: 10.4236/jss.2014.29030.

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