Health  Vol.6 No.15 , August 2014
Accuracy of Medical Oxygen Flowmeters: A Multicentric Field Study
Abstract: The accuracy of 476 oxygen flowmeters was investigated using a thermal mass flowmeter in eight hospitals in France and Belgium. Different oxygen flow rates (2 to 15 l/min) were evaluated at the patient’s bed. When the sample was considered as a whole, the accuracy of delivered flow was acceptable but precision was poor. The variability of the delivered flow between devices was greater when a low flow rate was required. Compensated-pressure oxygen flowmeters for these low rates were more accurate than their non-compensated counterparts. This study emphasizes the need to individually adapt the oxygen flow rate each time a patient has to move from one flowmeter to another.
Cite this paper: Duprez, F. , Barile, M. , Bonus, T. , Cuvelier, G. , Ollieuz, S. , Mashayekhi, S. and Legrand, A. (2014) Accuracy of Medical Oxygen Flowmeters: A Multicentric Field Study. Health, 6, 1978-1983. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.615232.

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