Health  Vol.6 No.15 , August 2014
Health, Aging and Quality of Life: An Evaluation of Experience in Family Health Unit through Popular Education
Abstract: This study aims to assess the implementation of the Health, Aging and Quality of Life. The specific objectives were executed by conducting activities with the elderly through generative themes with an emphasis on health, aging and quality of life; evaluation of the experience of older people in Unity Family Health with Popular Education; analyzing the evolution of indicators of health and quality of life of elderly patients after two years and ascertaining the effectiveness of Popular Education in the elderly group in the Family Health Unit. This is an exploratory study approved by the Ethics and Research Committee UFPB/CCS, number 0598/08 held on Primary Health Care. The project consists of two lines of integrated activities: Group Active Ageing (GEA), which brings together seniors for addressing issues related to healthy aging and the Multidimensional Health Assessment and Quality of Life through the WHOQOL-BREF. The activities were built in fortnightly meetings from the dialogue where experiences are shared and collective needs. Thus, relevant topics were suggested for the group: guidelines on physical activity, nutrition, chronic disease prevention, self-esteem, among others, and group dynamics as body stretching, stretching exercises, respiratory, metabolic and relaxation. The observed results are the very satisfactions group, reported through testimonies and translated by the enthusiasm and diligence in participation. This project promoted a better bio-psycho-social development of the elderly, reinforcing its identity by promoting and facilitating the expression of their potential positive and arousing them to a better future life prospects and community socialization feelings.
Cite this paper: Mendes, C. , de Andrade, F. , de Castro, D. , do Socorro Feitosa Alves, M. , de Vasconcelos Torres, G. , Moreira, M. and Silva, A. (2014) Health, Aging and Quality of Life: An Evaluation of Experience in Family Health Unit through Popular Education. Health, 6, 1959-1963. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.615229.

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