MSCE  Vol.2 No.8 , August 2014
Layered Metal Composites: Newest Generation of Radiation-Protective Materials

The expediency of development of one of the newest highly effective radiation-protective materialslayered composites of “light metal/heavy metal” type is substantiated. The characteristics of the internal architecture of composites of Al/Pb type made by consecutive application of vacuum and normal atmospheric rolling are adduced. The differences between the radioisotope and accelerating techniques of experimental testing of radiation-protective properties of materials are described. The results of the testing of composites and the influence of their structure on radiation-protective properties of the investigated materials are characterized. It is shown that the radiation-protective efficiency of composites certain structures may be 30% - 40% higher than the aluminum. This gives the opportunity to reduce the weight of radiation-protective structure at preservation of effectiveness of protection at aluminum level, or to increase the effectiveness of protection at constant weight of this structure.

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Bilous, V. , Borysenko, V. , Voyevodin, V. , Didenko, S. , Ilchenko, M. , Rybka, O. , Kuznetsov, O. and Plisak, Y. (2014) Layered Metal Composites: Newest Generation of Radiation-Protective Materials. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 2, 6-11. doi: 10.4236/msce.2014.28002.
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