OJAppS  Vol.4 No.9 , August 2014
Chemical Structure of Surfactant-Grafted Polyacrylamide Used in Oilfields
Abstract: Surfactant-grafted Polyacrylamide (S-PAM) flooding is a new technique used in Daqiang Oil Field in China and also a novel way for improving the recovery efficiency of primary oil layer after polymer flooding. S-PAM flooding technology is perfected gradually with the proceeding of multiple polymer surfactant oil displacement tests. Test results showed that the S-PAM used in field was greatly different with conventional ones. Therefore, it is necessary to study the chemical structure of S-PAM. Aiming at making clear the chemical structure of S-PAM, this study characterized the two commonly used S-PAM in oil field through chemical analysis and Fourier infrared spectrometer detection and analyzed the main composition and chemical structure of the two S-PAM.
Cite this paper: Jiang, T. , Wang, H. and Wang, B. (2014) Chemical Structure of Surfactant-Grafted Polyacrylamide Used in Oilfields. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 4, 451-457. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2014.49043.

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