CRCM  Vol.3 No.8 , August 2014
Syphilitic Aortitis Mimicking Takayasu’s Arteritis
Abstract: SIR, Syphilis is a sexually-transmitted infectious disease caused by the bacteria Treponemapallidum. A characteristic manifestation of the third stage is arteritis of the aorta, which leads to necrosis and loss of tissue. Here, we report on a 48-year-old woman admitted with suspected Takayasu’s arteritis (TA) due to localized inflammation confined to the aortic root and valve, which could be diagnosed as syphilitic aortitis.
Cite this paper: Pörings, A. , Salzberger, B. , Veits, L. , Ehrenstein, B. , Hartung, W. and Fleck, M. (2014) Syphilitic Aortitis Mimicking Takayasu’s Arteritis. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3, 457-459. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2014.38100.

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