ENG  Vol.6 No.9 , August 2014
A New Type of a Magnetic Plane Motor Coupled Mechanical Vibration with Electromagnetic Force

This paper proposes a new magnetic plane motor capable of rotation by the resonance energy of double-cantilever beam model excited by an electromagnetic force. This magnetic plane motor has two double-cantilever models, and the rotational direction is able to change by changing of the vibration mode. Basic characteristics of a prototype for the magnetic plane motor, such as rotational speed, output torque and efficiency were determined experimentally. Experimental results demonstrated that the rotational speed of 8.1 rpm was obtained with output torque of 0.07 Ncm for the magnetic plane motor having double-cantilever model. The output torque characteristics of the magnetic plane motor with two double-cantilever models improved 200 percent compared with double-cantilever model.

Cite this paper: Yaguchi, H. , Iino, K. and Eguchi, T. (2014) A New Type of a Magnetic Plane Motor Coupled Mechanical Vibration with Electromagnetic Force. Engineering, 6, 491-499. doi: 10.4236/eng.2014.69051.

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