OJPS  Vol.4 No.3 , July 2014
Study of the Role of NGO in Strengthening the Food Safety and Construction of the Relevant Law
Author(s) Yang Yang
Food safety, which is a key part of livelihood projects, is not only closely related to the thousands of households table, but enormously affecting the whole country. The government departments as the manager of the public interests have been committed to strengthen the construction of food safety, but its results are always unremarkable. In order to prevent “the government failure” in the process of food supervision, the food NGO is now entering the people’s view. It has a comparative advantage in specialization, independence and efficiency, however, as an emerging force, it is also plagued by problems such as small number, weak power, lack of necessary support in law and so on. Therefore, the food NGO might be worth a great deal; it is essential for the system construction especially the construction of relevant Law apart from continuous development and ceaseless accumulation.

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Yang, Y. (2014) Study of the Role of NGO in Strengthening the Food Safety and Construction of the Relevant Law. Open Journal of Political Science, 4, 137-142. doi: 10.4236/ojps.2014.43015.
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