WSN  Vol.3 No.5 , May 2011
Implementation Study of a Centralized Routing Protocol for Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) attract considerable amount of research efforts from both industry and academia. With limited power and computational capability available on a sensor node, robustness and efficiency are the main concerns when designing a routing protocol for WSNs with low complexity. There are various existing design approaches, such as data-centric approach, hierarchical approach and location-based approach, which were designed for a particular application with specific requirements. In this paper, we study the design and implementation of a routing protocol for data acquisition in WSNs. The designed routing protocol is named Centralized Sensor Protocol for Information via Negotiation (CSPIN), which essentially combines the advertise-request-transfer process and a routing distribution mechanism. Implementation is realized and demonstrated with the Crossbow MicaZ hardware using nesC/TinyOS. It was our intention to provide a hand-on study of implementation of centralized routing protocol for WSNs.
Cite this paper: nullT. Pham, X. Li, W. Leong and P. Chong, "Implementation Study of a Centralized Routing Protocol for Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks," Wireless Sensor Network, Vol. 3 No. 5, 2011, pp. 167-173. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2011.35019.

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