Health  Vol.6 No.14 , July 2014
Basic Principles Underlying Human Physiology
Abstract: This is to declare that the article entitled “Basic Principles Underlying Human Physiology” [Health 6 (2014) 1816-1821] published in Health has been withdrawn due to the fact that the contents of this paper need further research and study. The article content (HTML and PDF) is removed and replaced with this announcement. The approval has been obtained from the author of this paper regarding the withdrawal of the article. In making this decision, the editorial office of Health is guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and constrained by such legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. In this context, Health strives to promote the circulation of scientific research, offering an ideal research publication platform to the world with specific regard to the ethical, moral and legal concerns involved. We would like to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience it may cause.
Cite this paper: Pavel, D. (2014) Basic Principles Underlying Human Physiology. Health, 6, 1816-1821. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.614213.

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