JFCMV  Vol.2 No.3 , July 2014
Measurement of Aerodynamic Sound Source around a Circular Cylinder by Particle Image Velocimetry
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to propose a sound localization method as an alternative of the time-resolved particle image velocimetry (PIV) system for detecting the aerodynamic sound source of a circular cylinder in a uniform flow. The sound source intensity of a circular cylinder in a uniform flow is evaluated by measuring the time-derivative of instantaneous velocity field in the flow field using a pair of planar PIV system. It allows the visualization of the sound source intensity distribution, which is the time-derivative of the vector product of vorticity and velocity. The experimental results indicate that the aerodynamic sound is generated from the separation point and the velocity fluctuation in the separating shear layer from the circular cylinder. These results agree qualitatively with the previous findings from experiment and numerical simulation, which supports the validity of the present experimental method for evaluating the sound source intensity distribution.
Cite this paper: Oguma, Y. , Yamagata, T. and Fujisawa, N. (2014) Measurement of Aerodynamic Sound Source around a Circular Cylinder by Particle Image Velocimetry. Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization, 2, 105-109. doi: 10.4236/jfcmv.2014.23012.

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