AM  Vol.5 No.13 , July 2014
Entrance Region Flow of Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in an Annular Cylinder
Abstract: The entrance region flow of a Herschel-Bulkley fluid in an annular cylinder has been investigated numerically without making prior assumptions on the form of velocity profile within the boundary layer region. This velocity distribution is determined as part of the procedure by cross sectional integration of the momentum differential equation for a given distance z from the channel entrance. Using the macroscopic mass and momentum balance equation, the entrance length at each cross section of the entrance region of the annuli and pressure distribution have been calculated for specific values of Herschel-Bulkley number and various values of aspect ratio and flow behavior index. The effects of non-Newtonian characteristics and channel width on the velocity profile, pressure distribution and the entrance length have been discussed.
Cite this paper: Pai, R. and Kandasamy, A. (2014) Entrance Region Flow of Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in an Annular Cylinder. Applied Mathematics, 5, 1964-1976. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.513189.

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