OJF  Vol.4 No.4 , July 2014
Automatization of Forest Fire Detection Using Geospatial Technique
Abstract: Healthy forest is the vital resource to regulate climate at a regional and global level. Forest fire has been regarded as one of the major reasons for the loss of forest and degradation of the environment. Global warming is increasing its intensity at an alarming rate. Real-time fire detection is a necessity to avoid large scale losses. Remote sensing is a quick and cheap technique for detecting and monitoring forest fires on a large scale. Advance Very Radiometer Resolution (AVHRR) has been used already for a long period for fire detection. The use of Moderate Resolution Imaging Radio Spectrometer (MODIS) for fire detection has recently preceded AVHRR and a large number of fire products are being developed. MODIS based forest fire detection and monitoring system can solve the problem of real-time forest fire monitoring. The system facilitates data acquisition, processing, reporting and feedback on the fire location information in an automated manner. It provides location information at 1 × 1 kilometer resolution on the active fires which are present during the satellite overpass twice a day. The users are provided with the information on SMS alert with fire location details, email notification, and online visualization of fire locations on website automatically. The whole processes are automated and provide better accuracy for fire detection.
Cite this paper: Gandhi, S. and Singh, T. (2014) Automatization of Forest Fire Detection Using Geospatial Technique. Open Journal of Forestry, 4, 302-309. doi: 10.4236/ojf.2014.44036.

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