OJMN  Vol.4 No.3 , July 2014
An Intragaleal Frontal Dermoid Cyst: A Location Never Reported
Abstract: All dermoid cysts arising at the cranial vault had been reported as being located subgaleally, i.e. under the galea aponeurotica or epicranium. We are presenting a case that we believe to be the first case of an intragaleal dermoid cyst ever reported. An eighteen years old girl presented at our consultation for a midline frontal swelling evolving since 2 years. Neurological examination was normal. The Computed Tomography (CT) scan showed a round shaped heterogeneous mass at the vertex with no intracranial extension. The lesion was excised surgically. It appeared to be located intragaleally (within the epicranium) and composed of hairs and liquefied fat evocative of a dermoid cyst. The diagnosis of dermoid cyst was confirmed on histology. Postoperative outcome was excellent and the patient is symptom-free 16 months after surgery.
Cite this paper: Ndoumbe, A. , Nkegoum, B. , Motah, M. and Takongmo, S. (2014) An Intragaleal Frontal Dermoid Cyst: A Location Never Reported. Open Journal of Modern Neurosurgery, 4, 121-125. doi: 10.4236/ojmn.2014.43021.

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