WJM  Vol.4 No.6 , June 2014
Kinematics of a 2D Asymmetric Nonlinear Oscillator
Abstract: Motion of a point-like massive particle under the influence of two nonidentical linear springs conducive to an irregular planar oscillation is analyzed. For a two dimensional oscillations the equation of motion is a coupled highly nonlinear differential equation. The set of equations cannot be solved analytically. Utilizing a Computer Algebra System (CAS) such as Mathematica [1] we solve the equations numerically. Kinematics of the particle is presented. For a comprehensive visual understanding the oscillations are simulated. We also include an extended atlas of useful two-dimensional time-folded diagrams.
Cite this paper: Sarafian, H. (2014) Kinematics of a 2D Asymmetric Nonlinear Oscillator. World Journal of Mechanics, 4, 197-201. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2014.46020.

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