ABC  Vol.4 No.4 , June 2014
Strategies for the Extraction, Purification and Amplification of Metagenomic DNA from Soil Growing Sugarcane
Abstract: Recently, studies were initiated to investigate the metagenome, which represents the genomes of cultured and uncultured microbes, as a rich source for isolation of many novel genes. The meta-genomic approach originated from the molecular analysis of microbial communities, which revealed that the majority of microorganisms in nature were not cultivable by standard culturing techniques. Therefore, most microorganisms in nature have not been characterized. Although numerous methods have been reported for direct DNA isolation and purification from microorganisms in soil, the sample preparation procedures and experimental conditions used in different studies vary widely. Soils are therefore one of the most challenging environmental matrices from which to obtain microbial DNA that will support PCR. The Papaloapan River is the second largest river basin in México. For the climatic conditions of this region, there is great diversity in plants, animals and microorganisms. In the Papaloapan region different fruits are grown, however, the main crops are sugarcane and pineapple. In this work the extraction of DNA from soils of sugarcane cultivation was performed. We used PCR tests to assess the quality of DNA extracted from soil by amplifying the 16S rDNA gene. Changes in both protocols were performed; satisfactory results were obtained as to the quality of DNA and gene amplification. These results will allow continuing the metagenomic studies, such as sequencing, library construction and identification of enzymes cellulase and amylase activity. It is the first time these studies were performed in the Papaloapan region.
Cite this paper: Gutiérrez-Lucas, L. , Montor-Antonio, J. , Cortés-López, N. and del Moral, S. (2014) Strategies for the Extraction, Purification and Amplification of Metagenomic DNA from Soil Growing Sugarcane. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 4, 281-289. doi: 10.4236/abc.2014.44034.

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