CRCM  Vol.3 No.6 , June 2014
Therapeutic Management in Proximal Tracheal Rupture during Total Thyroidectomy
Abstract: Tracheal disruption is a life-threatening rare complication of total thyroidectomy that it should be prevented. The own-patient risk factors, procedure of tracheal intubation and a meticulous surgical technique are three main keys to keep in mind. Both medical and surgical management of this injury depends on its size, location and patient’s symptoms although neither of them prevents late complications. An early diagnosis could improve with prognosis although it is mandatory to perform either respiratory functional or imaging study in order to assume its healing. When the tracheal laceration is diagnosed during the surgery, we should take care with a continuous monitoring of the patient’s vital signs. A good oxygenation will be succeeded in high volume and low pressure with endotracheal tube distal to the lesion. We advice placing a tube drain near the disruption to prevent emphysema and an early extubation to avoid an ischaemic damage of the mucosa. A postoperative suspicion of tracheal rupture could demand reintubation with the patient in full relaxation and an examination by CT-scan or fiberscope before deciding a simple supportive therapy. We present our therapeutic experience in a female patient who suffered from tracheal injury during total thyroidectomy and describe a review of literature.
Cite this paper: Ovejero-Gomez, V. , Bermudez-Garcia, M. , Lamfus-Prieto, J. , Gallego-Bellido, T. , Villalba-Torre, J. , Ingelmo-Setien, A. and Bajo-Arenas, J. (2014) Therapeutic Management in Proximal Tracheal Rupture during Total Thyroidectomy. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3, 382-386. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2014.36085.

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