NS  Vol.3 No.4 , April 2011
Study of the second harmonic emission of glycine-sodium nitrate crystals at different pH
Abstract: This work shows an optical and structural study of glycine sodium nitrate crystals. This study was supported with the respective X ray diffracttion and Second-Harmonic Generation signal detection by using a little variant to the Kurtz- Perry method. The goal of this work is to obtain the right pH that modifies the charge of glycine sodium nitrate system in order to obtain the best second harmonic emission. Furthermore with the change on the charge on the aminoacid, it is observed how it modifies the optical properties in the glycine sodium nitrate complex.
Keywords: RAMAN, GSN, NLO, SHG, pKa
Cite this paper: Silva-Molina, R. , Alvarez-Ramos, M. , Borunda, E. , Parra-Berumen, J. , Gallegos-Loya, E. , Torres-Moye, E. , Lardizabal, D. and Duarte-Moller, A. (2011) Study of the second harmonic emission of glycine-sodium nitrate crystals at different pH. Natural Science, 3, 319-322. doi: 10.4236/ns.2011.34041.

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