OJMetal  Vol.4 No.2 , June 2014
Production of Dissimilar Metals Materials by the Method of Solid-State Joining
Abstract: Mechanisms taking place while hot rolling in vacuum of dissimilar materials joined in solid phase are described. It is shown that at joining of materials in solid phase redistribution of atoms from one material into another occurs on the interface of joining. On the base of calculation and experimental results it is concluded that the ultimate strength of the interface of joint is always higher than the ultimate strength of less durable material. Pair zirconium-stainless steel SS (Type AISI 321) and carbon steel (Type C22E) those are used in nuclear power are investigated.
Cite this paper: Borts, B. , Korotkova, I. , Lopata, O. , Sytin, V. , Tkachenko, V. and Vorobyov, I. (2014) Production of Dissimilar Metals Materials by the Method of Solid-State Joining. Open Journal of Metal, 4, 40-47. doi: 10.4236/ojmetal.2014.42005.

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