JBM  Vol.2 No.4 , June 2014
Enzyme Kinetic Equations of Irreversible and Reversible Reactions in Metabolism

This paper compares the irreversible and reversible rate equations from several uni-uni kinetic mechanisms (Michaelis-Menten, Hill and Adair equations) and bi-bi mechanisms (single- and double- displacement equations). In reversible reactions, Haldane relationship is considered to be identical for all mechanisms considered and reversible equations can be also obtained from this rela- tionship. Some reversible reactions of the metabolism are also presented, with their equilibrium constant.

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Imperial, S. and Centelles, J. (2014) Enzyme Kinetic Equations of Irreversible and Reversible Reactions in Metabolism. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 2, 24-29. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2014.24005.
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