SS  Vol.5 No.6 , June 2014
MDCT in Diagnosis of Uncommon Fistulous Complications of Severe Pancreatitis-Pictorial Essay
Abstract: Fistulous complication of pancreatitis is a surgical emergency with varied clinical presentations. Early diagnosis is very important to minimize morbidity whereas delayed or missed diagnosis can cause life threatening consequences. Multi detector computed tomography (MDCT) with and without intravenous contrast is an accurate and reliable imaging modality allowing prompt diagnosis and management. In this essay, we present an overview of the radiological features found in uncommon fistulous complications of pancreatitis.
Cite this paper: Ramachandran, R. , Radhan, P. , Ilanchezhian, S. , Mohan, S. and Kumar, M. (2014) MDCT in Diagnosis of Uncommon Fistulous Complications of Severe Pancreatitis-Pictorial Essay. Surgical Science, 5, 237-241. doi: 10.4236/ss.2014.56041.

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