ENG  Vol.6 No.7 , June 2014
Physical Characterization and Elaboration Discussion of a Clay-PEG 6000 Composite with Natural Clay Matrix
Abstract: In this paper, we compare different nanoclay-PEG composites and the influence of the input parameters especially the percentage of PEG and the clay size. Because of the facility of material elaboration, dried state with grinding, we adopted a complete experiments plan to obtain a maximum of robustness of the responses. For each sample, we made an XRD analysis to see if we obtain the intercalation of the PEG 6000 (Polyethylene Glycol 6000) within the clay sheets. The characterization adopted consists on the measurement of the shrinking of some cylinders we made, the liquidity and plasticity limits according to the Casagrande protocol used in geotechnical clays characterizations. We utilize also the methylen blue protocol to estimate the variation of the specific surface of ionic exchange of the clay sheets according to the PEG 6000 percentage and the clay sizes. SEM microscopy permits to visualize some of the phases detected by the XRD analysis. The TEM microscopy permits also to see the amorphous phases created by the grinding protocol which affects significantly the specific surface and the shrinking of the new materials. For each section, we made some conclusions with interpretation in order to integrate these results in civil engineering, classical/artisanal material construction and geotechnical fields.
Cite this paper: Akhrif, I. , El Jai, M. , Mesrar, L. , Elkhalfi, A. , Touache, A. and Jabrane, R. (2014) Physical Characterization and Elaboration Discussion of a Clay-PEG 6000 Composite with Natural Clay Matrix. Engineering, 6, 338-354. doi: 10.4236/eng.2014.67037.

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