FNS  Vol.5 No.11 , June 2014
Effect of Wholemeal Durum Wheat Varieties on Bread Quality
Abstract: In this work the effect of six varieties of durum wheat semolina on the bread physico-chemical and sensorial properties was addressed. In particular, whole grains of durum wheat (Anco Marzio, Claudio, Core, Iride, Saragolla and Cappelli) were finely milled by using an ancient stone milling system. Texture analysis was carried out on both dough and bread samples to evaluate their firmness. Furthermore, tomographic analysis was performed on the bread samples in order to provide a more detailed view of their texture. The Glucose Equivalent, the chemical and the sensory analyses of the bread were also determined. Results highlighted that the lowest Glucose Equivalent valuewas achieved in bread produced with the Anco Marzio cultivar, which appeared instead the worst in terms of texture. Among the investigated samples, bread from the Cappelli variety showed good structural characteristic, a moderate Glucose Equivalent compared to the reference sample (CTRL) and the highest sensory quality.
Cite this paper: Danza, A. , Mastromatteo, M. , Lecce, L. , Spinelli, S. , Laverse, J. , Lampignano, V. , Contò, F. and Nobile, M. (2014) Effect of Wholemeal Durum Wheat Varieties on Bread Quality. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 5, 977-988. doi: 10.4236/fns.2014.511108.

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