SS  Vol.5 No.5 , May 2014
Malakoplakia of the Testis
Abstract: Malakoplakia is an uncommon chronic inflammatory disease usually affecting the urogenital tract and often associated with the infection due to E. coli. It is characterised by the presence of Von Hansemann cells and intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies called Michaelis-Gutmann Bodies. Testes are affected in 12% cases. The lesion mainly occurs in middle aged men, appearing clinically as epididymo-orchitis or testicular enlargement with fibrous consistency and some soft areas. Orchidectomy is the only way to differentiate the lesion from other malignant or infected processes. This is a case report of a young patient with testicular malakoplakia.
Cite this paper: Dubhashi, S. , Kumar, H. , Kulkarni, V. and Suleman, A. (2014) Malakoplakia of the Testis. Surgical Science, 5, 233-235. doi: 10.4236/ss.2014.55040.

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