OJAppS  Vol.4 No.6 , May 2014
Bitumen Removal Determination on Asphalt Pavement Using Digital Imaging Processing and Spectral Analysis
Abstract: This research aims to define an efficient and fast quantification of bitumen removal on the road surface by Digital Imaging Processing (DIP) and spectral analysis. The retrieval of bitumen removal is an important issue for road management and environmental studies related to asphalt wear and environmental pollution. The calculation of the Exposed Aggregate Index (EAI), based on DIP, allows to quantify in each frame the superficial removal of bitumen and the exposure of aggregates. A procedure, based on non-parametric classification process of digital images, gives a fast response of EAI. A correlation among EAI and spectral data, between 390 nm and 900 nm range, is evaluated. Results show a good correlation between spectral data at different wavelength and EAI. Finally, this work evaluates the possibility to retrieve asphalt bitumen removal through remote sensed imagery.
Cite this paper: Mei, A. , Manzo, C. , Bassani, C. , Salvatori, R. and Allegrini, A. (2014) Bitumen Removal Determination on Asphalt Pavement Using Digital Imaging Processing and Spectral Analysis. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 4, 366-374. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2014.46034.

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