JCC  Vol.2 No.7 , May 2014
Development of Magnetic Field Sensor and Motor Fault Monitoring Application
Abstract: For the purpose of motor fault real-time monitoring, this research developed a nano-silicon ni- tride film based magnetic field (MF) sensor, and applied this sensor in MF detection of two common faults. Through experiment, it turned out that arc discharge and slot discharge occur in motor fault produce MF with certain laws. This result proved the feasibility of the sensor and sensing method in MF analysis, and revealed possibility of a new method in fault detection.
Cite this paper: Tong, Z. , Dong, Z. , Tong, M. , Wang, B. and Meng, L. (2014) Development of Magnetic Field Sensor and Motor Fault Monitoring Application. Journal of Computer and Communications, 2, 42-45. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2014.27007.

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