JACEN  Vol.3 No.2 , May 2014
Heavy Metals Accumulation in Soil Irrigated with Industrial Effluents of Gadoon Industrial Estate, Pakistan and Its Comparison with Fresh Water Irrigated Soil
Abstract: Wastewater mixed with industrial effluents is used for irrigation in Gadoon Industrial estate and thus contaminating soil. This soil was tested for heavy metal content by using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (perkin elmer 700) and compared with control soil irrigated with tube well water at seven selected spots. Accumulation of the toxic metal was significantly greater in the soil irrigated with industrial effluent than control soil (p < 0.05). Manganese (Mn) was the most significant pollutant, accumulated up to 9.95 ppm in the soil irrigated with industrial waste water. It was found that the samples were containing Zn in the range of 1.596 - 6.288, Cu 0.202 - 1.236, Co 0.074 - 0.115, Ni 0.0002 - 0.544, Cr 0.243 - 0.936, Mn 3.667 - 9.955 and Pb 0.488 - 1.259 ppm. No sample was containing the heavy metal above the critical level mentioned in typical and unsafe heavy metal levels in soil.
Cite this paper: Amin, N. , Ibrar, D. and Alam, S. (2014) Heavy Metals Accumulation in Soil Irrigated with Industrial Effluents of Gadoon Industrial Estate, Pakistan and Its Comparison with Fresh Water Irrigated Soil. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 3, 80-87. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2014.32010.

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