JACEN  Vol.3 No.2 , May 2014
Water Phytoremediation by Sedimentation Using Moringa oleifera Seed Powder to Remove Water Turbidity in Malaysia
Abstract: The study was carried out to evaluate the efficiency of a natural coagulant that is Moringa oleifera seeds in removing turbid from Malaysian water. Three water samples were used in this study subjected to purification studies using Moringa oleifera seeds that were collected during two different seasons that are dry season (February-March) and rainy season (October-November). The treated water samples were tested for turbidity level, pH level and color index. The result shows that Moringa oleifera seed collected during drought season has the ability to remove turbidity up to 88.0% and has better color index compared seeds collected during rainy season. The ability of Moringa oleifera seeds protein to act as a magnet assists in attracting the flocks and turbid in the water. Although not as effective as conventional chemicals, Moringa oleifera shows remarkable ability to remove turbid and encourages the use of natural coagulant in water treatment plants as it is cheap and environmental friendly.


Cite this paper: Narayasamy, S. and Saud, H. (2014) Water Phytoremediation by Sedimentation Using Moringa oleifera Seed Powder to Remove Water Turbidity in Malaysia. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 3, 74-79. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2014.32009.

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